The Barnett Newman Foundation is the exclusive owner of copyright for all of Newman's writings and artworks, regardless of the ownership of the artwork itself.

Any reproduction of images or text (including excerpts) in print, digital or other form must be approved by the Foundation. Permission requests should be submitted to the Foundation's copyright agent, Artist's Rights Society (see contact information and details below).

Upon approval, ARS will grant permission in writing to reproduce the work. The grant of rights are contingent upon the inclusion of correct copyright credits, and the payment of any applicable fees. In some cases, the submission of layouts, color proofs, samples or other materials may be required prior to final authorization.

Reproduction requests may be directed to

Artist's Rights Society
539 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10012
phone: 212-420-9160
fax: 212-420-9286

All requests should include

  • title of the work and artist's name
  • number of copies to be printed or produced
  • territorial distribution of product
  • language(s) of the text
  • whether the reproduction will be in color or black and white
  • size of reproduction (i.e. ¼ page, ½ page, ¾ page, full page, etc...)
  • placement of the image in the context of the publication (i.e. interior, cover, etc...)
  • related website (Please specify the length of time the image will appear online)
  • billing name and address
  • other pertinent information