The Barnett Newman Foundation is the home to and steward of an extensive collection of material related to the artist's life and career. This collection includes:

Archival Files
The extensive archival files cover Newman’s correspondence, exhibition records, drafts of his writings, and a wide range of other materials.

Photo Archives
Included are photos covering Newman’s life and work, taken by some of the prominent photographers of the day, as well as personal shots by friends and family.

Audio and Video
In addition to the materials on paper, a group of audio and video resources are also available to researchers. Videos include interviews with the artist, documentaries, and home video footage, some recorded by Newman. Materials in this collection have been preserved in both their original and modern formats.

The Artist’s Library
Barnett Newman’s personal library reflects the broad range of his intellectual curiosity. The collection also includes important mid-century periodicals (the so-called “Little Magazines”) and a group of music recordings.

The Research Library
Complementing the artist’s library is a research library with the most important publications on the artist—notably exhibition and collection catalogues featuring Newman and his contemporaries. The Foundation continues to collect books and articles covering Newman scholarship, including unpublished academic dissertations.